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My name is Sebastian, but people call me Oskar. That might sound complicated, but actually it's not and neither am I. To me life's all about great choices and enjoyment. My family, good food and IPA, to travel (!), you know, just soaking life in at all expense, everyday - that's what counts if you asked me.

Same accounts for my approach to photography. My dad was a great influence, showed me how to take and develop photos with classic equipment as a kid while also teaching me to never be afraid of new technology. Over time I forgot about photography and what it meant to me. However, my childish curiosity and habit of observing every detail of my environment and the people in it stayed the same. 

Then the Hipstamatic app came, revolutionized mobile photography - and with it my view onto the world. For four years now I've been hooked on taking pictures wherever I go. 

Today I live in Berlin Neukölln, a city and it's Kiez with a multicultural background that couldn't be more vibrant and inspiring. Still, a nine-week trip to South Africa two years ago caused a lasting itch - I seek to go travel and to capture my view onto all of what is out there.